Monday, July 1, 2013

A few warnings about this blog

Warning: I might try to explain economics using cats or witchcraft--it has happened before.
Welcome to Madcap Economics! This new blog is a place for me to rant and rave about economics. And sometimes try to explain in simple terms what the heck is going on.

Of course for me, things like cats and witchcraft and voudoun (voodoo for the rest of you) are simple. Therefore, I am quite sure that I will sound like a lunatic on a soapbox on most days--we will call that "normal."

Now, a little about myself. I graduated last year from the University of Colorado at Denver with two bachelor degrees (one in history, and one in literary studies). While at UCD, I worked at the student newspaper of the Community College of Denver (the previous year before starting at UCD, I went to CCD and that is where I met the first editor that I worked under at the newspaper). It was during my time at Campus Connection (CCD's student newspaper) that I started to write some articles on economics and the economy.

One of the things that I discovered in college is that I am fascinated about the train wreck that is the modern economy and the economic theories that people have about it. I had started to read economic news and books before college; and now that I am out of college, I am still reading them. And yes, I did take some economic classes in college, both to fulfill requirements and as electives. In fact, for awhile I consider switching to economics.

Besides a perhaps unhealthy interest in economics, I spent ten years running a restaurant before starting my own business as a writer and publisher of ebooks. I also backseat drive my wife's pottery business, as well as illustrate series of a children books. These occupations occasionally show up in my opinions about the economy and economic theories.

And finally, I like to think of myself as a funny man. Or as one of my biggest critics says, a McComedic Troll. Therefore, yes, I do plan on inflicting my sense of humor on you. That and lots of cat pictures...because one cannot have too many cat pictures when trying to figure out economic theory.


  1. We watched Harry Potter 1 and that troll was pretty smelly too! I'm NOT a troll, and interested in reading your economic theories that will be coming along!

  2. LOL, sounds like it may be very interesting. When it comes to economics, I coach people to work on their own personal economics regardless of what "they" say is going on "out there". :-)

    Now, I'm looking forward to more from you during the UBC.



  3. Comedy and Lunatics and Modern Economy - sounds like the perfect mix for a blog to me! Congrats on the new blog!

  4. Totally agree, cat pictures makes everything better!


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